Sunday, December 25, 2016

Michael Rosen 100 Million Dollar Sale Topples his Lenin

Michael Rosen is the biggest phony in the East Village or one of the top 10 there's so many it's hard to know who is who but he got written up in a phony book on Michael Bloomberg has some kind of East Village activist when he's in East Village exploiter the took the real estate and made mega mega millions and then the big phony puts a Lenin sculpture up on a building he called the red square and he said that the sculpture was in the direction of wall street as if he wasn't the greediest bastard in the lower Eastside -  east village or at least one of the top  exploitive greedy bastards and ironically I think at one point he was tied into Reverend Billy another fake phony and magically somehow occupy Wall Street never learned about that relationship...

It's amazing that Michael Rosen rallied against Bloomberg's illegal third term when he wished he could be Michael Bloomberg and he was like the mini putin of the East Village pretending he's a good guy but unlike Putin he didn't actually murder someone to get all the money he just help me murder the neighborhood and then ask like he's a saint

Why Does This East Village Building Have a Statue of Vladimir Lenin on Top? | 6sqft

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