NYPD DI Ed Winski Party to Obstructing Justice and more

NYPD PO Schatz party to retaliation Coercion

NYPD PO Schatz party to retaliation Coercion
NYPD PO Schatz FB friends party to coercion fixing favors retaliation

NYPD Coerced me to drop charges or go to jail with a hole in my retina Saturday arrest for Dr Fagelman's savagely violent lying receptionist Delita Hooks' running punch to my eye grabbing my hair trying to drag me down the hall by my hair damaging my neck not fired or arrested I agreed to false arrest Oct 16 immediate than Det John Vergona changed my false arrest date to Saturday oct. 20, 2012 4PM IAB let him and his supervisor retire! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9TedhfthE I am alleging fix, favors and retaliation -- please look at the first page -- it mentions HP tied to 911 Tech corruption as well as mayor Bloomberg Ray Kelly free rides Air Bloomberg....http://www.scribd.com/doc/188752042/NYPD-Commissioner-Ray-Kelly-Charles-Campisi-DI-Ed-Winski-Lt-Agnes-Lt-Angelo-Burgos-IAB-Sgt-Mary-O-Donnell-Sgt-Chen-Det-Andy-Dwyer-Det-John-Ve

Monday, December 31, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg 2012 Corruption List by Suzannah B. Troy Happy New Year!


Vito Lopez, 50 Million dollar McCarren park Swimming Pool Money Laundering Add to 2012 NYC Corruption List by Suzannah Troy Artist

Please add this on to my 2012 Corruption list...
How could I have a 2012 NYC  corruption  without mentioning vito lopez -- who could run Brooklyn from a prison cell but won't have to because the DA and everyone has some strange motivation to not hold this crook accountable.

Also how could McCarren Park Swimming Pool --- 50 million dollar price tag for renovations not bei money laundering?

  1. Did you ever get the feeling that NYC gov officials and Dept of Investigation can't do simple math...go to my corruption list for 2012 to learn how we were ripped off for billions of dollars....
  2. Steve Levin Vito Lopez Domino Sugar Factory Developers Political ...

    Jun 22, 2012 – Political dodge ball == oh you mean Steve Lulu Levin and his boss Vito Lopez as well when you report about Domino Sugar Factory shady ...
  3. mayor bloomberg king of new york: Steve Levin's Mentor Vito Lopez ...

    Jul 17, 2012 – Make sure you see the NY Post article on Lopez and Levin DominoSugar factory -- in link above. Never mind here it is....Steve and Vito love ...
  4. Vito Lopez Chris Quinn, Steve Levin Your Dirty Boy? - mayor ...

    Sep 3, 2012 –http://mayorbloombergkingofnewyork.blogspot.com/2012/06/steve-levin-vitolopez-domino-sugar.html?m=1. We know Steve Levin is Christine ...


    At least we can celebrate Dave Paterson misogynist perjury lying witness tampering of attempting to silence a victim of spousal abuse by Dave Johnson in to silence got the boot from WOR and he should from everything else but thanks to daddy he gets invited to Christine Quinn's wedding and a job at NYU thanks to corrupt dirt bag John Sexton which also reminds me

    NYU, Cooper Union, NY Law dorm on third St., The New School, Columbia U., SVA all have done evil community crushing development in the name of higher ed but truly higher greed using the term community facility to build higher than legally should and to exclude the community thanks to Bloomberg's tsunami of community crushing development where greed and stupidity ruled and the death toll continues with Dept of Building failing us, 311 calls ignored and most every political rep did nothing but green light this corrupt destruction with a special nod to Amanda the People's Burden -- who looks like an over plastic surgery zombie the down side of having mega millions of dollars and being a socialite city planner commissioner.

Monday, December 24, 2012

MTA Pays 2 People Half a Million Dollars One hasn't showed up to Work Since May

MTA paying 2 chief operating officers a combined $555,750 -- one of which hasn't woked since May!

We can we get jobs like that?

Nice to know when the MTA is about to raise the price of a subway ride.

When is Dave Paterson appointed by Cuomo going to be booted from the MTA board?
Is he even showing up to the meetings and when is the last time any of them took the subway.

Hey Mike Bloomberg can you get Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, Scott Stringer and Bill DeBlasio to join on the subway or have you stopped having the SUV meet you downtown -- just drive u?

Lohta wants to be our mayor?

Yikes well the rest of them except John Liu who busted open CityTime and ECTP 911 did nothing to stop the largest abuse of tax payer money EVER and under Mike Bloomberg, mostly tech....

ho hum.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Queens DA Ass Kicked By The Chief on NYPD Adrian Schoolcraft Kidnapping!

Mayor Bloomberg 911 Corruption No Criminal Investigation

Amazing our corrupt mayor who sells spin and lies of his legacy like all politicians do but he just has more money does a national commercial for gun control yet no one will confront him on his mega tech disaster ECTP 911 which should have a court date with the US Attorney like CityTime but doesn't.


Mike Bloomberg spinning a tragedy but if we have another terror attack here or another natural disaster the 911 tech disaster called ECTP will fail again and even more People will die.